Meet Alverta

I have over 20 years of financial and managerial experience.  In addition, I have educated hundreds on how to get out of debt and I’m currently hosting “Free” Motivational Empowerment Financial Seminars throughout the Greater Washington DC Area.

In addition, I have a history of providing volunteer services in the community as well as being an active member of the small business initiative at my local church and in the community. I am a member of BWI Business Partnership, Sisters4 Sisters Network, Inc. and recently became a lifetime member of National Congress of Black Women, Inc.

I must say that I have a passion for women who are struggling, the elderly as well as the children.  Many times I’ve realized that the elderly as well as the children do not have a voice so I’ve been known to use my skill set to speak out on their behalf.  After becoming a divorced mother of two (2) with over $100K in credit card debt, I was inspired to give back to the community. I was able to pay off $70K in one year and has since become debt free. Let me show you how to think differently about money. My strategies have inspired several clients to take a leap of faith and walk into their destiny.


I am from a small town called Roper, North Carolina, where I grew up with five siblings and was raised by my parents. I attended Plymouth High School located in Plymouth, North Carolina. Following high school, I continued my education at Elizabeth City State University (ECSU) where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Math with a Minor in Computer Science. After receiving my degree, I became a high school math teacher as well as a temporary math instructor at ECSU.

After moving to the Washington DC area I served in a number of billing, finance and contract support roles as well as managing a support staff.  I had the responsibilities of developing processes and procedures and providing process improvement plans and training guides to be used by all employees. I successfully worked on several government contracts with GSA, making sure we were in compliance with the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation) from a billing perspective. I have a proven record of being able to grow revenues and reduce accounts receivables. My successful work experience has landed me into several managerial positions with AT&T (15 years); Winstar (2 years); and 6 Years with MCI/Verizon,( in which 3 of those years were a consultant).

While these work experiences were challenging and rewarding, I knew I was destined for other things. Therefore, in 2009, I stepped out on faith to pursue a full time opportunity as the president of a ground transportation company where I began to utilize my corporate experience to enrich the business.

As the president of W&T Travel Services, LLC (WTTS), my responsibilities include administering the management of the corporation, its employees and consultants and providing leadership to the team. In addition, I’m responsible for overseeing the entire operation as it pertains to (Contract Management, submitting invoices, HR, Accounts Payables, Accounts Receivable, etc.)  I’m also responsible for making sure we deliver quality service, which exceeds our customer’s expectations, resulting in long-term relationships. I truly believe that it’s important that we operate in an ethical environment and motivate the employees to conduct our business in an environment of trust.


Today, I manage a staff of over 95 employees. I’ve been instrumental in helping the company grow its revenues from $200K in the first year to over $7.5M within 5 years. As a result of my leadership and persistent teamwork, the company has successfully won several government contracts. I correspond with clients that consist of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Department of Defense (DOD), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC),the Virginia Department Emergency Management (VDEM),the Department of Defense (DOD), Management Support Technology, Inc. (MSTI), as well as clients that include The White House; Radio One Inc., Syndicated Radio.TV Personality B.E.T.’s Corey, “Coca Brotha” Condrey and numerous others.

I take pride in our company being featured in several magazines and newspapers which included the November 2010 issue of the Black Enterprise to which we ranked as one of the Top Black Owned Businesses in the United States grossing over $7M; The Washington Business Journal(March 2011), Afro-American Newspaper (May 2011), The Prince George’s County Suite (Spring 2011)as well as the March 2009 and March 2011 Washington Gazette. The company has also received several local awards from Prince George’s County as well as the Virginia Urban League.


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