• Alverta is an inspiration. She has been to hell and back and rather than let her past dictate her future she is using the strength she has to empower and motivate women everywhere to avoid the pain she experienced herself. Many women can relate to her story and her message of healing and faith is very powerful and life changing. Listen to Alverta…she will inspire you to a whole new level.
    - Natalie Ledwell Mind Movies LLC
  • When I met Alverta, I was impressed with her financial success story and her willingness to share her experiences to overcome with others.  She has such a giving spirit especially for women who’s had similar struggles.  I’m so glad she’s chosen to share her experiences and not sleep on the Gift God has chosen to give her.  She’s a very inspiring and motivational speaker and I’m sure she’ll have you laughing and crying all at the same time.
    - Sheila Stewart | Director of News/Community Affairs Programming - WKYS-FM | WMMJ-FM | WPRS-FM | WYCB-AM | WOL-AM
  • Blinded by my anguish, I had no idea she was there…even though she sat only ten feet away and in plain sight.  Alverta was a stranger to me—but, evidently, not to my pain.  It called to her, and she answered…inserting herself into a conversation to which she did not belong.  When this lady, a lady that had no idea who I was, began to sing a song that I had been known for many years earlier, I knew she was different.  The song re-established a connection to my past and with my purpose…a connection that, within six months, had catapulted me into living my dream…a dream I thought I had long since discarded.  Alverta has that special “something’ something’” that distinguishes her and makes her stand out in a crowd of speakers and coaches.  I am forever grateful that she chose to make my acquaintance.
    - Tami Dempsey Author
  • We have known Alverta in the past four (4) years as  a member of the Christian Business Institute (CBI), First Baptist Church Glenarden.  She has been a faithful, dedicated participant with the CBI.  She have served on panels and made presentations on numerous occasions on how to start, grow and maintain a business.  Sharing this information with the CBI participants has been a great incentive for other minority business owners and potential business owners. The best part of our experience together is that we have been able to work collectively with helping members of the CBI and the community to provide jobs and information to help them get out of debt in a Godly manner.
    - Dot & Floyd Wilson | CBI Ministry

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